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3 years ago I started this Instagram page to document what I was doing to prep for my first competition. I was inspired by people like @stevecook @christianguzmanfitness & @mattogus to make an impact on people's lives the way they did to mine. My goal was to help people and motivate them to work on their fitness goals and also have something to look back on for myself later in life. Since then, while my goals have somewhat changed in other areas, that area has and always will remain the same. I just uploaded a video announcing my competition prep series (link in bio) and am extremely excited to create 100 videos in my 100 day prep. This series is different because while the forefront is "fitness" I believe it will speak volumes about many life lessons in general. I will be prepping while traveling & starting my company Zeal and documenting everything. It is the most inconvenient, unnecessary thing for me to do, and that is exactly why I'm doing it. Living life to the fullest is a message I want to spread for the rest of my life and this is the best way I know how to do it. Never remain unchallenged, always chase a goal regardless of how crazy. I encourage you to follow along regardless of your relationship with fitness as I believe I can help people reach their goals in many other aspects of life just by seeing what goes into the daily habits, consistency, and focus that is required to achieve something extraordinary. This will be my 3rd competition. Video is up, go check it out, and stay tuned every day starting later this week to watch my entire experience accomplishing my goals. Much love. Time to grind.

27.2.2017 03:08:50 20
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ANNOUNCEMENT: I would like to take this time to say... I am officially competing for the 3rd time this June. This means that starting in 5 days, I'll be filming a daily contest prep vlog with loads of information, motivation, & of course dope European scenery DAILY for 100 days straight since my prep is 100 days long. The announcement video will go live on my YouTube channel tomorrow at 10am eastern time. This is a VERY important video to see because it explains a few other things that have been going on recently with my channel so be sure to tune in! No more games, time to get fucking shredded. _ During this series I'll be showing you how I balance the traveling, the partying, and just a hectic schedule in general while prepping. I will also be launching Zeal during this time so be prepared to see me in grind mode every day.

25.2.2017 22:14:50 22

From the vlogggg, link in bio! I love making these! Be sure to subscribe! _ Featuring @marshmellomusic in Madrid!

25.2.2017 01:37:34 14

No matter what anyone thinks of me, at the end of the day I'm just a kid with a camera & a dream, trying to make Momma proud. _ New video, link in bio.

24.2.2017 17:24:29 20

Had to make a dope cinematic video to show my first açai bowl, duh. @fitfood.spain trying to work together?!

21.2.2017 05:22:46 15

From my latest vlog, link in bio!!! I'm always trying new things trying to stay one step ahead of everyone especially in creative aspects. Let me know what you thought of this video! I think I'll make this my new style for some trips throughout Europe. I have a video called "I have bad news" coming out today, explaining why videos haven't been daily the past week & why I haven't been lifting...

20.2.2017 17:42:05 16
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NEW video! Link in bio. This one is a completely different style, it would mean the world to me if you checked it out! If this gets a good response, I will use it as my video style for all the traveling I have coming up, Barcelona, Italy, England, etc. So go click the link in my bio, thumbs up the video, & comment what you think! Thank you ❤

18.2.2017 03:41:24 5

Collect moments not things... BUT if you are going to collect things, check out @hungry_humble they have awesome stuff, and their message is awesome. 10/10 wood wreck amend. Follow their Instagram too! @hungry_humble _ On another note, don't just dream about going to cool places, go & see them. Life is too short. People fail to realize that dreams/goals are like cause & effect. The cause is when you have that dream/goal/vision, and then you go and fulfil it (effect). Don't just think "effect" as it happening automatically, you have to go through the steps, make moves, get shit done, work, then you can have what you want. One of my biggest goals was to travel the world. Starting here in Europe I can say I'm living out one of my dreams and that's a great feeling I hope everyone can experience at some point. Don't just dream, DO.

14.2.2017 04:09:47 23

Really thick spaghetti #ChurrosAndChocolate #PhysiqueDestroyer This pic is from yesterday's video! Check it out if you haven't!!!!!

14.2.2017 00:04:37 26

NEW video... you need to see this one. LINK IN BIO! Smash that thumbs up button. Watch in 4K! _ Learning After Effects, it's hard, but worth it. _ "Physique Destroyer Friday - Ep. 2 - Churros & Chocolate - in 4K!"

12.2.2017 18:09:36 26

Catch thy yonder, if you do so desire? _ (Cash me outside, how bou dat?) _ Watch today's video, or else.

10.2.2017 02:00:40 39

Explore & create. Also, NEW video! Groceries & macros for this contest prep! Go watch! Link in bio!!! _ Cookies on the left, camera on the right. _ : @nickgardner

9.2.2017 01:06:51 14
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When you were supposed to just build a shed, but took 2 scoops of @ghostlifestyle and then this happened.

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From today's vlog, go check it out! Link in bio! Catch up on any of these European vlogs you've missed!

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