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Onward buttercup, There's fuckery to spread

24.2.2017 22:54:48 0

She got that independent,wake up and make shit happen typa vibe.. #bossbabe

24.2.2017 21:21:08 5
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Waiting on this masala Unhealthy rituals.... #vibes #home

15.2.2017 16:33:38 2

Happy Valentine's from me to you

15.2.2017 02:06:36 0

Samosa Ramosa La Rosa

9.2.2017 11:27:38 0

Chop your own wood & it will warm you twice..

8.2.2017 17:36:56 1
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Good Lord! We are blessed beyond belief

6.2.2017 13:58:12 0

Leafy torso vibes... Chic grunge..

6.2.2017 11:33:03 1

Making excuses just to unwind is the best gift I got this day..cheers to many more sneaks lol. No names mentioned

24.1.2017 17:11:18 5

Keep calm and take a break and stroll on

24.1.2017 16:47:29 0

No one is YOU.. That is YOUR POWER

23.1.2017 14:33:26 3
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Constant Reminder.

23.1.2017 11:47:15 4

Believe in yourself... You are all you got... #game

15.1.2017 00:08:40 0

You cannot imagine the immensity of the frick I do not give.

11.1.2017 15:45:41 0
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*let's out a silent one* The BF: Did you just fart?? : My intestines just blew you a kiss. Appreciate the love in whatever way presented

23.12.2016 16:16:25 1

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