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I did not start gym for fame or to think I'm Better than anyone or to get girls attention ‍️ I started gym because it helped me through one of the hardest times of my life and it's my get away from any problem that come into my life. it changed me for the better and showed me so much in life and now as a person I want to make sure my motivation and dedication and change can be seen and noticed by all of you out there so that you can make a change in your life if you need it or if your going through any problems or struggle I can help you to be motivated and positive and chase your goals to me changing someone's life for the better and helping someone is one of the happiest and most amazing feeling in the world ❤️

27.2.2017 13:04:10 94

Going to miss these hot summer days kicking back on the beach soon ️ - - Photographer @gabrielfelixphotography

24.2.2017 12:14:52 83
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Life is a beach, I'm just playing in the sand @2eros

23.2.2017 13:26:15 90

There is gunna be times when everything is against you and you just wanna give up and throw in the towel ... take a moment close your eyes and stop thinking about all the problems and start focusing on the positives and why you started it all. You have one life don't waste it go out there and dominate it and chase them dreams and goals - - Photographer @jay.cray

22.2.2017 12:31:07 82

You know you mean business when you turn your hat backward

21.2.2017 12:55:58 52

FOCUS feel every rep . Make every set count. Your here to work. Enter the gym and create your future and don't stop till you destroy your FKN goals @fkngymwear - - Videographer @jay.cray

20.2.2017 12:24:41 114

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength push yourself and when you think of giving up push harder @fkngymwear - - Photographer @jay.cray

19.2.2017 07:39:51 75

Nothing better then weekends kicking back and relaxing in your undies

18.2.2017 08:55:08 66
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life can be so crazy and you can get so caught up in the madness .. sometimes you just have to sit back, relax and watch it all fall into place

16.2.2017 13:00:11 27

Happy Valentine's Day to all you sexy humans out there hope you have a wonderful day and amazing night to all you people out there who don't have a Valentine's this year just know you are beautiful inside and out and next year you will have one I promise and if you have not received a rose well here is one from me to you

14.2.2017 10:34:37 81

Sydney your weather this weekend was mental thanks for the solid tan/burn

12.2.2017 11:42:30 79

Summer days ️ - - Photographer - @gabrielfelixphotography

9.2.2017 12:49:37 62
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@illusv 🃏 - - sitewide sale go cheek it out straight fire apparel - - Videographer- @jay.cray

8.2.2017 12:14:43 75
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