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Mutombo © All Fotos 📷


Images by @fotombo

It was 08:07 on the 22nd of October, 2016. He sat on the first floor of the Kaneshie Market Complex. What I don't know is whether he was planning his day, sleepy, hungry, hoping, thinking or was simply tired.

27.2.2017 16:47:17 2

The smallest gym I have seen. It was located in a cubicle. How long will it take to acquire big muscles in this small gym?

26.2.2017 09:44:02 11
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The coordination between the feet and hands when they weave Kente on looms is very impressive. • #onassignment for @compoundhouse in Bonwire, Ashanti Region.

24.2.2017 16:50:08 1

Some of my favourite models. Took this photo after a video shoot for @wanlov's Valentine Song.

23.2.2017 19:47:20 7

Saw him cooling off, but his smile got my attention even though he started acting shy right when I pulled out my phone to take a photograph.

22.2.2017 15:40:19 7

A 'welder' at work in Suame Magazine, Kumasi the Ashanti Region. Suame Magazine has a working population of over 200,000. Most engage in vehicle building, repair and metal works and it's the largest in West Africa.

17.2.2017 06:58:56 5

It was built by the Danes in 1784 and was used in the slave trade. This fort can be found in Keta, in the Volta Region. • #onassignment for @compoundhouse. is launching soon.

14.2.2017 22:26:17 3
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It was built by the Danes in 1784 and was used in the slave trade. This fort can be found in Keta, in the Volta Region. • #onassignment for @compoundhouse. is launching soon.

14.2.2017 16:04:36 6

Had the opportunity of filming @steloolive's private sound art performance yesterday. It was very different and an experience and I can wait to see the final video.

13.2.2017 17:40:32 6

Small scale mining, popularly known as galamsey in #ghana comes with many health hazards and affects the environment in many negative ways. These miners also use mercury in the process and they inhale toxic mercury fumes which is very dangerous. • This was #onassignment for @compoundhouse. #tarkwaseries

9.2.2017 14:05:18 23

"It's my church, I started worshiping with them about three years ago. Don't you know our pastor? He is very popular and he is my namesake. His name is Rev. Anthony Kojo Boakye." - Bra Anthony (Taxi Driver) • He had same sticker on his steering wheel, dashboard in front of passenger seat and on his headrest.

8.2.2017 18:32:53 3
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"Before I set out I always feed them because I only receive when I give and I don't have money to help a brother out so I do what I can."

6.2.2017 12:58:32 4

In search of the Galamsey mines in Tarkwa. We had to climb mountains and go down valleys in order to see some mines. I was the last to climb this one because of my heavy backpack. This was #onassignment for @compoundhouse. The website will launch soon with amazing stories plus more. • #tarkwa Series

3.2.2017 10:20:30 2

From the stairway of a hotel in Tarkwa in the Western Region of Ghana, through a glass window, I could see this American flag flying 'majestically' outside. As Donald Trump is making America great again, this hotel is telling customers to expect the 'American Service' from them any time they visit. • #tarkwaseries

1.2.2017 19:44:49 9
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I was recently #onassignment for @compoundhouse in Tarkwa, in the Western Region to cover the galamsey (small mining) business which has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. It's a thriving and interesting business but the work it involves to get such a small amount of gold is bull to me. But the young men and women there are used to it, I guess. • In this photo: This is a workshop where the stones which are brought from the mines are crashed. Crashing is done by machines which are made in Tarkwa or from other places. • #tarkwa Series

1.2.2017 09:37:04 4

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