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Peace comes not from the absence of conflict in life but the ability to strongly cope with it.

28.2.2017 18:51:39 4

When you couldn't fake it that you just had a big siblings argument, and you're trapped in the interview about the loving brother sister. #badtiming

21.2.2017 19:31:47 7

Kebetulan ini satu-satunya foto kita yang lagi berpose proper! Happy birthday Bapak Produser yang saya hormati dan kaya akan filosofi kehidupan dan perumpamaan @opungirwan ! Semoga panjang umur, bahagia dan sehat selalu bersama keluarga, semakin diberkati dan menjadi berkat bagi generasi-generasi muda yang perlu menghargai proses ini, semoga semua rencana dilancarkan sama Tuhan dan makin bersinar karirnya di tahun 2017 ini meskipun engga suka di expose Thank you for being a blessing to us with your talents & wisdom and for your encouragements to us when we face dead ends! God bless your kind heart, and our friendship and partnership to blossom! Amen! : @chasoewongso.

17.2.2017 13:00:21 7
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Such a humble and friendly super lady! My idol, Ibu Retno Marsudi, The Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the ambassador's residence tonight. #ministerbussemakerbezoek #menluretno . . . : @vatthuofficial : @calvinjeremy

12.2.2017 18:02:59 2

I was just told that I was on newspaper yesterday (for the first time!!!) and here's the online version of it: #CecillesCakesAndCookies Terimakasih Mas Agung dari @wartakotalive untuk tulisannya yang sangat amat antusias dan mempercayai bahwa suatu saat saya bisa jadi orang sukses. Amin.

30.1.2017 15:06:52 6

Dear interns, there will never be another amazing boss like me. You're welcome. Sincerely, #BossIdaman PS: I love you both so much and can't thank you enough for the positive vibes and everything else you have contributed to @cnjmanagement. Will miss you both and the tour we had! Come back soon when you graduate! Goodluck and God bless you both, G&G!

26.1.2017 16:58:51 8

Me and @calvinjeremy were rushing for another event so we couldn't find my dad in the same building to have a complete family photo. Maybe in the next wedding we'll attend.

23.1.2017 07:22:36 7
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Damn man, feels like we just played hide and seek last week in the garage when we were kids, and now you're married! Congrats, brother! Happily ever after okay! Maybe I'll follow you soon. Lol. Hey I looked like a woman in @vatthuofficial. Thank you @nnindi ❤️

22.1.2017 16:36:44 1

"Foto dulu sama yang terkenal dan yang penah terkenal," kata @calvinjeremy. Maaf ya dedek @prillylatuconsina96 resep dietnya belum berhasil aku lakukan, hope I'll lose weight next time I see you! Dress by @vatthuofficial.

22.1.2017 16:32:50 23

There are two things you shouldn't waste your time on: things that don't matter and people who think you and your happiness don't matter.

20.1.2017 19:12:42 2

Dulu cuma bisa mengagumi bapak Christovita Wiloto dari kejauhan dan membaca buku-bukunya, sekarang dipercaya menjadi strategic partnernya dan bisa selfie macam ini. Semoga suksesnya kita nanti bisa sama ya Pak! #ChristovitaXChristophia. Lol. Manciaaaaap!

20.1.2017 07:42:26 0

Thank you for watching @8rianna_ on @initalkshowofficial tonight, hope y'all enjoyed! Goodnight! x

18.1.2017 20:31:48 6

I still remember, 8 years ago, how nervous I was when she interviewed me on a long distance call to get accepted in my master program. And still remember how she greeted me as a new student, where we first went out and party, when I had the most stressful thesis defense, the day I graduated 'til the first eat-pray-love adventure we had when we've gone through the shittiest broken hearted days in our life; this wonderful woman was always there for me in all situation. The smartest professor, strongest mother, kindest bestfriend and sweetest soul sister I've ever had. The only person in my life that never had bad vibes AT ALL when I'm around cos all she does is laughing and smiling. Even in pain she cries for a minute and laughs after! And today is her birthday, so MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN, Miss Julie a.k.a MJ! Pray all your wishes come true and stay happy with your loved ones and keep spreading the happiness like you always do!!! I love you so much and hope to be back home soon! #bestfriends #BFF #FriendshipGoals #MaligayangKaarawan #happybirthday #sistersforlife

17.1.2017 18:51:02 1
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Terkadang ada orang-orang yang didesain oleh Tuhan untuk suatu alasan, seperti manusia yang satu ini. Sejak dia udah enggak kerja lagi sama gue karena mendapat pekerjaan yang lebih mempersulit hidupnya, gue dan @calvinjeremy jadi akrab dan saling bersinergi. Terimakasih koh @dicksonhalim, sahabat dalam suka dan duka yang sering gue PHPin huhu, terimakasih ya sudah lewat di hidup kami. Lol! Lewat doang! Jauh dimata dekati dihati, kemudian langsung baper #throwback #BestfriendsForLife #FriendZoneLevel100 #CaptionUntukDicksonHarusSpesial

16.1.2017 21:42:35 4

Selfie ala B! Thanks for the support and bringing the crowd to my booth, babe! LOL! You're the best! Happy Sunday everyone! x

15.1.2017 08:19:48 1

Will see you more often this year, Jay!!! Oh, and more pics for us too for sure! Can't wait!!!

12.1.2017 19:35:33 3
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"Jomblo Ngenes" the movie starring @jscmila & @kevinjulio1993 produced by @mvpindonesia, is now officially in theaters all over Indonesia! . . Original Soundtrack @film_jones "Pemilik Hatiku" by @calvinjeremy . . Lyrics by Calvin Jeremy Music by Calvin Jeremy & @opungirwan Simanjuntak Arranged & produced by Irwan Simanjuntak Distributed & promoted by @cnjmanagement @universalmusicmalaysia @paranormalMY . . . Now on iTunes, Spotify, Joox and all digital stores. #filmjones #jones #jomblongenes #pemilikhatiku #OriginalSoundtrack #OST #MVP #kevinjulio #jessicamila #jmunity #FilmIndonesia #calvinjeremy #fendychow #francebook #MVPIndonesia #mvppictures

12.1.2017 12:12:07 0

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