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Caramel shinjuku. I cannot stress how much i love this dish! It has the strong, sweet smell of caramel and it hits you straight away! It is a lightly buttered soft cake drizzled with caramel sauce and with some macadamia nuts. It comes with 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop whip cream. There is a waiting time to it, about 15 minutes to prepare, but trust me, its worth the wait. Its enough to share for 2-3, but for a caramel enthusiast like me, I'll have it all to myself 10/10

27.2.2017 12:26:12 2

Curry mee. The first time i ever had one was from here, and i tell you, it's really good. It has a spicy, thick creamy curry and comes with some sambal for the extra spice and flavour. I love the curry taste with the fish cake, tofu and boilled eggs mixed together. Yet it gets quite messy eating it, but still worth it. 10/10

24.2.2017 13:03:49 1
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Chicken Cornish. Pastry filled with pieces of chicken and an original flavoured gravy (available in spicy flavour as well). It was easy to cut through the pastry and it would not crumble and fall apart. Not to mention, it was also completely full of stuffing! The taste was a mix of asian and western flavour, with a curry taste to it which made it very interesting to eat. It was a big portion which was enough to share for two. 10/10

22.2.2017 17:00:12 1

Chicken cornish and salted caramel latte ️

22.2.2017 14:23:34 1

Caramel waffle with salted caramel gelato. Yum! The waffle was fluffy and soft, although it was small. The presentation was beautiful. A generous amount of caramel was drizzled on the wooden plate with some chopped almonds and chocolate pieces. I would have preferred if the drizzle was on the waffle itself, as it was difficult to get the drizzle on the waffle. The gelato was made by the cafe itself and had a balanced flavour of the caramel. The coffee was my favourite part! It was caramel latte with a pinch of salt and just a sip of the coffee was perfect, as you could taste the bitterness of the coffee, sweetness of the drizzle and the pinch of salt. Perfect. 10/10

17.2.2017 16:43:17 4
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Lasagna. One of the best so far. How saucy and creamy it was! I could not get enough of it (literally wanted to order about 10 more). Rocky beef roti kapit. A typical bun with cheese and a thin slice of beef bacon, added to their signature sauce. Not your average hot dog folks! I like how everything blends well. It has such a great meaty taste due to the bacon. Tbh one is never enough as they're so good! You should get two of them! 10/10

10.2.2017 15:33:48 1

Bolognese spaghetti. Yum. Lets talk about how big the portion was, at such a reasonable price! Without a doubt, one feels full after having this. The sauce was sweet, yet had a little spiciness, which balanced out perfectly. It was not dry, nor soaking in sauce, just right. There were also little chopped carrots, celery, to it and some sliced chicken sausages. Certainly was one of the best spaghetti. 10/10

9.2.2017 11:22:02 3
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Cap inspired by @jessconte and @gabrielconte as it says 'But first coffee' ️

7.2.2017 16:11:15 9

Macarons, petit fours and apple pie.

6.2.2017 13:00:08 1
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