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on the nights you stay home. shot by @matthewmc64

23.2.2017 21:14:12 5

if we go down then we'll go down together

19.2.2017 19:26:45 6
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an all new linkedin profile pic shot by @prince_gk

17.2.2017 21:07:54 14

that time P and I couldn't find odin when we were in front of it

15.2.2017 20:50:10 8

you be the match, i'll be the fuse... boom.

14.2.2017 18:55:58 8

i took all my things that make sound; the rest i could do without.

13.2.2017 22:01:23 5

i've worn this outfit for 3 days and surprisingly it hasn't made the gram

10.2.2017 19:24:47 5
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i know i'll be by your side until california calls

9.2.2017 18:33:44 3

my eyes don't shed tears but boy they pour when i'm thinkin bout you.

5.2.2017 21:43:07 6

cuz we're collecting moments, tattoos on my mind...

4.2.2017 22:51:19 7

but i guess that we did it on purpose, on purpose, on purpose.

3.2.2017 22:51:04 8

an all new blog post is up! check out the link in my bio to see how to step up your outfit game for a night out! do it.

31.1.2017 18:56:09 5

2 MORE BLOG POSTS HAVE GONE LIVE! Check them out on candidlyjonah! Link in bio!

20.1.2017 22:05:26 7

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