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" Kalau ada mesin masa, aku ingin kembali masa lampau Jumpa diri aku yang dulu waktu kurang kena pantau Banyak sangat kesilapan yang aku ingin ubah Entah berapa banyak masalah, aku sendiri lupa Sumpah, kalau ada peluang kedua guna baik-baik Sebab aku sudah trauma dari dulu asyik turun naik Malahan, yang kebal pun boleh kena alahan Macam Confucius jadi confuse banyak alasan " - Benzooloo

23.2.2017 16:27:13 6

nu·me·ro u·no ✨ n(y)o͞omərō ˈo͞onō/

22.2.2017 11:43:02 18
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Shine bright like diamond ✨

18.2.2017 08:37:55 8

I do things that they don't so I can do things that they can't

16.2.2017 14:40:34 12
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Preparation for next competition , InsyaAllah I'll make @uitmstreetworkout /@official_bararmy proud ! #streetworkout #uitmstreetworkout

16.2.2017 14:02:43 32

"I was never really good at forgetting people. Or memories even. Some might say it was a good thing. That good memory is intellectually rewarding. But mentally, it's not. Forgetting meant pushing away from the past. And that was something I've never entirely been good at. I often told myself, that the past is what it is, and I wouldn't be who I am today because of it. But each part of me constantly reminisces the horrors that bought me to where I am. I don't remember them for the good things that they might have brought, but rather the taunting echoes they eagerly enchanted. I've never really believed that forgetting means you entirely move on. I've never really believed that removing certain things from the back of your mind was possible. It's true that we forget certain things sometimes, but forgetting my past meant burying it deep within, where it would be planted amongst seeded nightmares and would give birth to reborn memories which would become impossible to misplace. So I guess, we don't always forget. We just bury those memories, until they are reborn." - lostinthedunya

14.2.2017 06:13:17 0

Spend money you don't really have , on parts you don't really need , to outrun the people you don't really know

11.2.2017 18:44:47 4

Key of happiness ✨

11.2.2017 17:39:59 19

Japanese Domestic Market #bc18 #vtec

11.2.2017 15:13:28 3
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Work hard , play harder

9.2.2017 20:56:37 2

Try something different , don't stay stuck do better . Ohh wait , slay better too ✨

8.2.2017 08:45:34 2

Cheating pun sakit Dead planche ✈ #uitmstreetworkout

4.2.2017 14:17:49 26

0% Talent 0% TrashTalk 100% Hardwork P/s : I've seen a lot of comment mostly on world class athlete post and suprisingly our athlete perli sama sendiri . Idk what in your mind lah kan ? Tapi ada certain otai ni suruh orang buat routine but when ppl ask him what are the routine than he basically don't give any tips (not reply any dm/pm or comment) and he talk trash about it (group chat) . Idc actually but please don't make fun of ppl who trying to start their own journey on streetworkout . Atleast support them . Idgaf who you are but please respect others . Jangan sampai kau kene tendang jatuh kebawah balik . I've been through this before so I feel them #jangantakutkitalawan #streetworkout

3.2.2017 14:46:44 48
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He sink himself for awhile , he collect pearls and he will be back rise again

3.2.2017 12:08:17 0

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