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Been a long time coming but its 80% complete ! #MoBB on the come up #turestories on a tape ! ✊ Doesn't matter where you from everyone has their own story to tell . mine just happen to b coming from the North Side , City of Gold #Awe #bulte kyk vas !

30.1.2017 16:37:42 1
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#turestories "I'm a 23 year old woman and I work as a nurse in senior home. My boyfriend is 31 and he's an engineer and works for a private company. I met him over a year ago at a baseball game and we have been together now for about a year and I really love him with all my heart and he loves me too. He's a great guy, treats me very well, we do a lot together when we can, we have been gone away for a week to Florida. We also have almost everything in common and similar interests like (we both love camping, bone fires, to travel, movies, work out, sports, politic, to run marathons, swimming and other things) He's super handsome, funny, bubbly, active, we have so much fun when we are together and every morning he sends me some crazy, funny text that puts a big smile in my face. I've never felt this way with anyone in my life before and all I want is to be with him, be his wife and mother of his children. The only issue is that he's married but he doesn't love his wife. He hasn't left her because they have a 5 year old son who he loves dearly. His wife is unstable, unfriendly, very bitchy, demanding and tries to treat him like he was her child. He wants to have more kids but not with her since he can't wait to leave her but he's having a hard time because of his son. My sister told me last night that he will never leave his wife for me and I'm just wasting my time. When she told me that I told her to mind her own business and never talk to me about that again. I don't what to think." (A story of someone else)#meeyoo #freechat #freeonline

16.10.2015 13:12:18 0

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