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#travelthrowback What do you do when the child tells you he missed the flavors from his last holiday? Why, build a lunch platter from all the food souvenirs you've lugged home, of course #sardine pate from #portugal , #jamon #iberico from #barcelona , mandarins from #morroco , toasted breadstix - and lunch is served The kiwis? Well, because green looks nice on the plate

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This is a photo of the random group of people who were on my boat trip from Colombia to Panama through the Caribbean Sea and the San Blas islands. A more bizarre bunch of people have never been on a sail boat since. The guy next to me is a Hungarian big wave surfer in Hawaii. The woman next to him is a Swiss architect (Natalie) I ended up travelling with in Panama for a bit. The couple to her right and down are Jonathan and Annie, a South African couple based in London who were just the coolest and I ended up travelling with in Costa Rica and I think Nicaragua. Jonathan is legally blind, but had decided not to let his disability get in the way of his life. They were so lovely to me, so kind and fun. Barry and Nicole, on the far left, are still Facebook friends who ended up travelling the world for years. The other man and woman were an American couple travelling with their two kids. And the little dude in the middle was the nephew of the captain, Tom, who sadly had a heart attack and died a few years after this photo was taken. This trip was a big inspiration for 60 Ways to Die in South America. I remember getting lost on the Internet reading up about the bad things that had happened to people on sail boat trips through the San Blas. But look at me. I looked so young and cheeky. #travel throwback #travel #60waystodieinsouthamerica #solotravel #writersofinstagram #travel inspiration #travel stories #travel memories #southamerica #sanblas #sanblas islands

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Coba bayangkan jika waktu yang kita lewati ini Allah cipatakan malam terus menerus sampai hari kiamat nanti? Siapakah yang mammpu mendatangkan siang untuk kita sehingga kita leluasa menjalankan berbagai aktivitas kehidupan? Kalaupun kita bisa mencipatakan cahaya lampu penerang, berapa energi listrik yang kita butuhkan? Atau Allah ciptakan siang terus menerus sampai hari kiamat nanti? Siapakah yang mampu mendatangkan malam untuk kita bisa istirahat melalui tidur malam? (Al-Qashash : 71 & 72). Fabiayyi ala i robbikuma tukadzibaan Yaa Rabb, tolonglah kami untuk dapat mensyukuri rahmat-Mu yang tak terhingga jumlah dan nilainya, termasuk rahmat-Mu berupa MALAM dan SIANG yang silih berganti agar kami bisa mengisinya dengan ibadah dan ketaatan pada-Mu sehingga kami tidak menjadi orang-orang yang merugi. Aamiin Allohuaamiin

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