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I was treated to a wicked dinner at my sister's place tonight. Keto friendly sloppy joe's with almond flour biscuits and our favourite Dr. Hyman's kale salad. So nice to have a night off cooking. Thanks @ayearofketo

22.2.2017 07:00:22 1
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Today's #transformation tuesday goes out to our client @candismckee . Candis is the proud mother of 4 kids, but when she came to Elite she was missing something.... she was no longer confident in her own skin. Candis came to @elite_fitness_training just 3 months after giving birth to her 4th child. This is her 6 month #transformation ... Candis has lost over 25 lbs of body fat, feels confident and is teaching her children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle! We are so proud to have Candis as a valued client and friend! #proud #results #weightloss #weightloss transformation #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #fit #fitspo #fitspiration #nocardio #liftweights

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Here's some videos of yesterday's training which included Box Jumps, Pause Front Squats, Snatches, Jerks, Close Grip Bench Press, Rows, Lunges and a ton of core.

22.2.2017 06:59:13 3

Healthy looks different on every BODY. Shouting it out to beautiful Grechen for sharing her journey to body, mind, and soul wellnessGO girl❤ She shares- I just celebrated my one year using this nutritional rebalancing system, and never knew this opportunity existed! I'm posting this before/after for anyone who is on the fence about giving the products a try. I was a skeptic for a long time- a long, very jealous (of my happy, fit, healthy sister who kept trying to get me on board) 3 years of being a "hater." And then I gave it a try 8 months before my wedding. And that was the best decision I've ever made. #transformation tuesday #wellnessrevolution #momonamission #health #transformation

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Welcome to the family Stephanie (gray shirt)! We are so grateful that you decided to make Jesus lord of your life! Thank you to everyone who helped you find your place in God's story! #transformation Tuesday

22.2.2017 06:59:54 2

#repost @lgtpowderhound ・・・ Six weeks gotta believe in the process!!! Consistency is key to making sure strength stays up, meals are prepped and eaten, and the gains and losses keep coming! Left is the old, right is the new!

22.2.2017 06:59:45 3

‍️Looking for 5-7 people who are coach able, dedicated, and committed to join me on this journey to losing weight OR gaining lean muscle. Summer bodies are made in the winter Don't be the girl on the left hiding all summer because you didn't start today! You will get: ▫️Online coaching ▫️Meal plan ▫️Motivational Chat ▫️Workout routine ▫️Grocery list ▫️Snack ideas ▫️Support Contact me now. DM me, me or #herbalife #nutrition #healthy #wellnesscoach #weightloss #transformation #fitness #fitlife #motivation #journey #joinme #change #anydayistheperfectday #summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter #30daychallenge #challenge #support #mealplan #onlinecoaching

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Transformation Tuesday- checkout line edition I used to get something from the checkout line almost every time I went to the store and eat a whole bag with no concern to what a serving even was. Since beginning my health journey, I've become so much more aware of my habits. By no means is it always easy to resist temptations, but the results I'm seeing make saying "NO" to the small temptations a little easier. Of course now I do still have a few cheats/treats here and there, but I do choose what's "worth it!" Not to mention, I'm saving a lot more money now!

22.2.2017 06:58:02 1

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