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##EN (Second upload of the day) After the fall of Jerusalem, a third crusade was launched from Europe. Richard Coeur de Lion found himself alone after the withdrawal of the majority of the German troops of Frederic Barbarossa (after the drowning of the latter in a river) and the return of Philippe Auguste in France. The master Templar Gérard de Ridefort was captured and then executed on October 4, 1189 before Acre. He was replaced two years later by Robert de Sablé, a great friend of King Richard, who spent nineteen years at his court. Richard ordered his army to march along the sea, which enabled him to remain in communication with his fleet, and thus ensure the continual supply of his troops. Formed by an immense column, Richard's army had for its vanguard the body of the Templars led by the new master of the Order of the Temple, Robert de Sablé, followed by the Bretons and the Angevins, Guy de Lusignan with his Compatriots Poitevins, then the Normans and the English and finally in the rear guard the Hospitallers. In the early days of the battle, Richard underwent the initiative of Saladin but took the situation in hand and finally put the army of Saladin in rout by two successive charges of the Frankish chivalry and this despite the premature release of the first charge. @thomas_chrltt (admin instagram) #crusade #crusade s #crusade r #crusade r s #templar #teutonic #hospitaller #deusvult #catholic ism #catholic

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⬛️◾️▪️▪️◾️⬛️ I know it's just a side character- but Da Vinci is one of my favorites in the Assassins Creed Ezio Collection Here with the amazing Mona Lisa portrait!

25.2.2017 20:25:16 2

⬛️◾️▪️▪️◾️⬛️ Haven't time to play so much because of RL stuff, also I go out today (again) and meet the cute guy from last weekend. Than I have only 2 days left for playing Assassins Creed Brotherhood until Horizon Zero Dawn is released and I start with this game. Sorry for all the AC people here- but my AC screenshots won't stop! I swear! It's just a little break!

25.2.2017 20:23:06 2
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