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Derrick Rose was almost traded to the Timberwolves. Would they improve with him? check out the edit version of this soon on @guardtherim (swipe left)

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~ Swap en Amoureux ~ Hi les filles ! Comment s'est passé votre week-end ? J'ai posté un article sur le swap que nous nous sommes offert avec mon amoureux pour nos deux ans ! Je vous laisse découvrir ça sur le blog ❣️ Avez vous déjà fait un swap avec quelqu'un ? Bonne soirée Amélie ❤️ #swap #amour eux #amour #cadeau #offrir #2ans #surprise

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Swap. 197 I walked according to the directions I had received by Adam. Straight ahead, I saw Harry standing there, worry lines, or so it seemed etched across his forehead as he lit a cigarette, almost shoving it in his mouth. I stopped dead in my tracks as I realized something funny. Harry never smoked unless he was depressed or extremely agitated. I couldn't make out which emotion flashed through his face as I silently watched him from a little far away. Over all the things concerning me right now, what was he even doing here? And how did Adam know he was here? I was just away for a night, and it happens quite often, so I don't think that'll cause him depression. Annoyance was the only option in the deep chasm right now. But I'm sure I had informed him, hadn't I? The only alternative to found out now was to actually approach him. I steadily weaved my way towards Harry, pushing through the busy streets of London. As I neared him, I noticed him wearing a tank, and a leather jacket on top of it, small random tattoos that remained splattered across his forearms on complete display. His green beautiful orbs were completely invisible as he covered them up with sunglasses. He didn't even bother covering up in case the media approached him. I think he thought it was enough to change his look from a cute, sweet human being to a fit bad boy for anyone to dare recognize him in this hustle. "H-Harry," I hesitantly spoke, with the man's back facing me. In this condition, I doubted if he was even Harry, but I'm sure I wasn't mistaken. He sharply turned back and puffed out smoke, making me cough from the effect. "Oh right, here you are decisive bitch," He smirked at me, playing with the cigarette, tossing and turning it in his hands. "What?" I was surprised at the rude way Harry was addressing me. He seemed extremely pissed off at this moment and it didn't require a genius to know the reason behind the cigarette stuck up in his mouth. "Don't act innocent baby," He forcibly smiled, slightly dipping his knees to come to my level. I noticed the amount of people gathering around us, some of them definitely having recognized us

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