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Are you interested in travelling to the moon? SpaceX is planning to send two people around the moon in 2018.

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Yooooo @elonmusk pick me please

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✨The stars are the land-marks of the universe✨ Sir John Frederick William Herschel

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@Regrann from @space - Who would do this?! The crew is unnamed as of now but they will ride a fully autonomous version of SpaceX's Dragon 2 Spacecraft: made possible with funding from NASA! They will also use the falcon heavy rocket and it will take off from the same place the Apollo missions launched (Cape Canaveral). There will be training for emergency procedures but it will just fly by itself. They will skim the surface of the moon in a wide loop, go out past the moon, travel into deep space, and then return to Earth. They'll test the flight this summer and once successful, it will be the most powerful vehicle to reach orbit after the Saturn V moon rocket. Later this year they will launch the Dragon 2 to the ISS without anyone on board. With privately crewed missions like these we will see the costs for space travel go down and flight reliability will go up. The dragon spacecraft was designed to carry humans, and this would be a huge step towards the goal of going to Mars! Guessing how much it costs? Although it's confidential Elon Musk hinted that it's a little bit more than $300 million dollars I wonder who bought these tickets 🤔 any ideas? image: © SpaceX rendering #nasa #space #space x #moon #space travel - #regrann

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SpaceX is getting their commercial space travel program underway with a private mission for two people who have paid a "significant deposit". Elon Musk's firm revealed that after some training and an unmanned trip to the ISS, the two civilian astronauts will travel around the moon, but not land on it. #spacex #spacetravel #dragon

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We're going to the moon!! Today, Elon Musk announced two private citizens will take a week long trip around the moon next year. #spacetravel

28.2.2017 02:05:19 3
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I'm posting musical artist previews and portal inspired snapart everyday leading up to @okeechobeefest! @moon_taxi Add me at SC: droopert

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