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Our last stop for the day brings us to one of our all-time family favorite activities, bowling! When you sign in at @pasobowl, you can take a picture of yourself so that the scoreboard will show animations with your face as you play. Make sure you check out their great packages like Pizza Bowl – Sundays, 6-9pm and Rock 'n Bowl - Fridays/Saturdays 9pm-midnight. Join us back here tomorrow for day-two of our family-friendly itinerary! You can stay up-to-date with all of our stops for tomorrow by clicking the link in our bio. Guest Instagrammer | Christy Byham of @kiddosagogo #travel paso #pasorobles #pasomaverick #guestinstagrammer #instatakeover

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The weekend is for lovers ❣️#weekendvibes #sneakpeak of the "way too fun to be a job" photoshoot with @bokampz & @pantages86 #stewkamptouchthis

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#DamselInDistress Thanks to this amazing woman/photographer @philmontphotography and to my well rounded bae @flawlessbrown Creative Director/DJ/Camera Assistant #sneakpeak

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Sooo lowkey I've still been making tracks, new single coming soon, lmk what y'all think 🤔 #sneakpeak

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BACK in BLACK! Porter update + @frenchie_bulldog sneak peak!! Porter is feeling % better today now that the anesthesia has completely worn off! You'd never know he had surgery yesterday with the exception of his swollen eyes + satellite dish. Hardest part of the entire process has actually been for Lily - who is for the most part terrified by his cone of shame. Unfortunately every time he tries to get close to Lily he accidentally knocks her around or hits her with it. #frenchiepetsupply #roadtorecovery #dogsofinstagram #newnewnew #sneakpeak

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We received a February Christmas package today. Next week here at Union we have the opportunity to host Jack Troy for a two day workshop, and today received a crate of work for the gallery show. Let's just say that we felt like kids at Christmas unpacking these pieces and I can wait to set them up in the gallery! #sneakpeak #behindthestudio #woodfirelegend #stoked

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A little sneak peak before Overflowing Hearts is available at my shop.

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