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This is always a rough week for me. This man right here is the greatest man I've ever known. Today is 8 years since he left us and went home to heaven. His birthday was Wednesday. I have stayed away from social media as much as possible this week just because sometimes it consumes you and I could just hear him telling me to put that damn phone down :). I learned so much from him. I learned that if you're sorry, you say you're sorry...If you love someone, you tell them...if someone needs help, you help them. Pride was never an issue for him when it came to people he loved and being humble. And he was direct. If he liked you, you knew it, and if he didn't, you knew it. I remember I asked him once if he even knew how to lie. He taught me that your word is your bond. He was proud of what he had and I never once heard him complain about not having more. He taught me about farming (electric fences included ️), controlled burning (thank God our volunteer fire dept was always close ), the woods, how NOT to go through mudholes, the fun of New Year's Eve parties, and why hot sauce goes with everything and red wine is good for your heart. God I miss him. He was my first great loss. I held his hand as he left this world and crossed over and I will treasure that moment forever. Luckily though, when you're great like he was, your spirit lives on. His daughter, who is just like him, has been my best friend since we were babies, my ride or die. He has a grandson that is a spitting image of him and has so many of his ways. And I have a brother who is just like him. He was my role model, my mentor, "my roots", and will forever be in my soul. I know he's smiling down and I just wish all my kids could've known him the way I did. And I sure wish heaven allowed visits. If I can run the race half as good as he did, I will have finished well.. ❤ #love #family #blessed #thankful #missyou #dogood #roots #country boy #country #country life #southern #farmer #soul #spirit #live #life #today #fbf #flashbackfriday #thatsmiletho

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