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Our signature soft bronzed glam makeup... ️

23.2.2017 08:03:39 1
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Lastly, an up close picture • @anastasiabeverlyhills #dipbrow • @flutterlashesinc "Intoxicating" lashes • @maccosmetics "Cyber" lipstick with @limecrimemakeup "Cashmere" mixed in • @nyxcosmetics Matte Bronzer

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Sooooo freaking excited for this palette to come out! It's gorgeous Congrats to @nicoleguerriero! She was the first person i ever saw on youtube & even though i don't know her personally i'm happy about all her success photo credit: @nancy_cruises

23.2.2017 08:02:44 3
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Here's what I'm taking about with the formula. You can see in the pans where she used her finger to swirl the product to make the swatch. They are similar to gelee or Dior and if you keep using your finger it will probably get hard pain. When she used her finger the pressure changed the surface and you can see how it's now smooth. That's because is just a heavy powder. I think tomorrow I'm going to do something on Insta story with my heavy thick eyeshadow formulas so I can show you what I'm talking about. I'm not saying these will be glitter free there could be micro glitters but I think what you're truly seeing is just a chunky unblended formula. Even Becca highlighters are a little bit of a heavy texture and if you swipe it with your finger it crumbles and can look chunky until you really buff it in. It's also very hard to judge product texture and color from an unblended swatch. When I go to the store and swatch something on my hand I'm just trying to get an idea of the color. If I truly want to know how something looks and performs I use the correct tool and apply it to my face. Anyway...... sorry to talk your ear off & blab. I am definitely not an expert, I absolutely do not know everything about makeup. I'm just sharing things I've learned over the years. But at the end of the day buy the products that make you happy. Go with your gut! I am going to at least buy one. I'm still continuing my experiment. Hopefully my health will get back on track soon so life can get back to normal! Thanks for listening to me blab. Have a wonderful evening!! Xoxo love you guys to pieces!! Thank you to @heathernking @makeupworldnews @_beauti_junki3 for tagging me and covering my ass all day!! #newpretties #kyliehighlighter #kylighter #thatglow #kyliejenner

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Betty Cooper //•// Hey guys I'm in the middle of a week break from school which is fantastic because I really needed the break from everything, I'm also going swimming tomorrow with my friend and her brother and his friend so I'm hoping that will be fun. //•// Comment "" if you want to be tagged in my next post. //•// Qotd: Kendall or Kylie Aotd: Kendall, I think Kylie is overrated.

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