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A$AP MOB: COZY TAPES VOL 1. FRIENDS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Yamborghini High: A- 2) Crazy Brazy: C+ 3) Way Hii: B- 4) Young Nigga Living: A+ 5) Nasty's World: C- 6) Money Man: C+ 7) Motivation Foreign (Skit) 8) London Town: D+ 9) Runner: D+ 10) Bachelor: D- 11) Telephone Calls: A- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Favorite Track: Young Nigga Living Least Favorite Track: Bachelor Favorite Beat: Yamborghini High Could've Been Better: Nasty's World Score: 7/10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SideNote: This Joint dropped October 31st, 2016 and features everyone from A$AP MOB. From Rocky all the way to Nast and new comers like Playboy Carti. I was so FUCKIN HYPE for this damn project. I basically grew up throughout my teen years bumping A$AP Mob's 1st project- Lord$ Never Worry. So i had no choice by to be fuckin EXTATIC. But this lowkey disappointed me. But it wasn't like a huge disappointment. It was just like damn. Wish this was better. It had its bangers though. What do you guys think about Cozy Tapes? Whats your favorite song? COMMENT. [TRACK DETAILS IN COMMENTS]

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