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Hey guys whats wrong with ya? Right before left!!!

1.3.2017 20:43:36 1
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Back to the Mara... Playing games and learning about life with Mama where size does not matter... Mara'ya dönüş...Anneyle keyifle oynarken, hayatı öğrenirken büyük küçük farketmeksizin...

1.3.2017 20:42:29 2
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The Hien Nhon gate on the easterly side of Hué's Imperial City. This gatehouse marks the entrance to the Forbidden City, the emperor's residence in the citadel-within-a-citadel. The gate was damaged during the Tet Offensive, but has since been able to be restored. Others were not so lucky and we're lucky to have this beautiful example of Nguyeny-epoch architecture, ornate and colorful, with reliefs of broken tile that rise out of the plaster, creating a distinct, three-dimensional effect. This section of the Imperial City was built in the early 19th century at the command of Emperor Gia Long, the first of the last of Vietnam's monarchs, when he declared Hue as the capital of Vietnam.

1.3.2017 20:43:00 2
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But morning overtook Shahrazad, and she lapsed into silence.

1.3.2017 20:41:51 3

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