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I am literally SO excited to go LIVE with a small group of people tonight to share my story and exactly HOW I've managed to not only help myself... but OTHER women achieve their health & fitness goals! • Not going to lie, I'm also a little nervous to see people's responses & questions that will be totally LIVE, but I'm MORE excited to about the possibility of changing people's lives ... even if it's just ONE person because THAT is why I am here. THAT is why I decided to become a Coach... to help other people. • I would love to have YOU in my Free group tonight too!!....if anything for the support in just hearing what I have to say & learning (Link in bio to join for free) • #sharingiscaring #loveyourbody #strongerthanyesterday #excitedmuch

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3 INGREDIENT CREAMY CHOCOLATE PUDDING (VEGAN & GF) Makes 4 (~1/2 cup servings): Ingredients: 1 can coconut cream 1/4 cup coconut sugar (or any other sugar) 2T unsweetened baking cocoa Directions: Combine all ingredients (I used the blender to get the lumps out but you can use a hand mixer or whatever you would like) and mix until smooth consistency is achieved.  Add more chocolate or sugar if desired. Ideally it chills overnight in the refrigerator for 8+ to get the thickest texture possible, but you can expedite the process by using the freezer for 1-2 hours. Notes:  Nutrition Information below as recipe is written without any toppings.  For me I could easily reduce the coconut sugar down and top with coconut shreds and chocolate chips (like an almond joy), tailor to your taste buds! Mr. Hungry would rather just have the pudding, it’s totally up to you.

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For the first time in a long time, the boy and I went to the park to do outside yoga! ️🤸‍️It feels like spring here, only about 80 degrees and breezy ️ I just want to take a second to appreciate my body. At one point, my ED had eaten through every ounce of muscle I had- when I started yoga three years ago, I was horrible at it. I never thought that I could rebuild- and then keep building- the muscle I'd lost. And here I am today, doing all of the arm balances my body is amazing for rebuilding to take care of me. Your body is amazing for always trying to take care of you too! Take some time to appreciate it today ✌

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You are what you eat - so don't be fast, cheap, easy or fake 🤔❤

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dinner was delicious {tomato sauce and basil calamari pasta + mango for dessert } || we wrote a letter to "god" and i managed to write down a lot of things so i'm happy

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Little late night workout! Just completed one of my first full body workouts designed for me today @gym_64! 15 minutes tabbata training on the bike, 15 minutes running, and 30 minutes of weights (seated row, chest press, shoulder press, leg press, leg extension & leg curls) managing 27kgs for upper body weights and an impressive 53kgs for my lower body! I am definately going to be sore in the morning! #weightloss journey #weightloss #slimmingdown #weightwatchers #slimmingworld #bridetobe #weddingdressgoals #healthy living #healthy eating #fitness #slimmingsupport #lifestylechange #healthy #motivated #progressnotperfection #followmyjourney #foodoptimising #changeforgood #healthierme #weightloss transformation #healthy notskinny #applewatch #iwatch

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You might have noticed in my other pictures that I've started wearing my FitBit again. Honestly, I'm not a huge FitBit fan (you can read the review I did on my blog a few months back). However, since I've been working from home & studying for my pt cert, I'm finding I move a lot less than I used to. So, I'm using it less as a tracker for calories burned & exercise and more just as a reminder to take the time get up and move around when I'm working or studying ‍️ It's funny, because I always thought I would be MORE active working from home. But when you work from home there's no walking over to a coworker's desk or moving to a conference room. My kitchen is a lot closer to my desk at home than a break room at an office, and there's no walking to my car in the parking lot (unless I decide to go to a coffee shop ️). While I still exercise regularly & walk my dog, I'm realizing how much missing all of these little movements during the day add up. Not to mention the need for a mental break every once & awhile! So, I'm testing using the fit bit as a reminder to *intentionally* stop, stand up, & move around a little during the day until it becomes habit!

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Thanks for asking! seriously, as soon as I saw this, my answer was super easy as the Bible and the gym are of course my go tos when I'm happy, sad, mad, etc. What do y'all think? #tabletopics

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Cod with Thai style salad and jasmine rice. #cod #rice # salad #dinner #eatingdisorderlife #eatingdisorderrecovery #recoveryforlife #recoveryfighter #recoveryisworthit #recoveryispossible #strongnotskinny #healthy notskinny #healthy nothungry #healthy living #healthy life #healthy #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #bulimiarecovery #healthy eating #healthy living #healthy food @blueapron #foodisfuel #acalorieisacalorie #nourishtoflourish #anawho #eatittobeatit #healthy food #anawho #recoveryfood #mbsblueapron

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SPRING CLEANING TIME!! ...the most important kind!!! --YOU⭐️⭐️⭐️ this is the BEST time to commit because the All-access pass is on sale until the end of the month for $231 🇨🇦 and includes: The entire library of EVERY SINGLE workout program offered for one year on demand including the new ones as they are released (likely to be 3 this year!). This library includes the most popular 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme!!! Your first month supply of Shakeology! Which you then have the option to continue on with afterwards or not! This challenge pack upgrades you to a “club" member and get 10% OFF for the rest of the year on any products (includes shakeology)! The Portion Fix container system that teaches you about healthy portion control and eating a balenced diet without depriving yourself of any food group! no counting calories! AND carbs and wine are ok in moderation!! Access to our own cooking channel “Fixate” on Beachbody on Demand, and the Nutrition guide to teach you how to use the Fix containers with recipes and meal plans Shakeology shaker cup An online private challenge Facebook group with me coaching you and a team of others working on the same goals where we have daily check-ins with fun challenges, encouragement, community ...making this FUN! My last group said THIS was the difference for them meeting their goals after so many past failed attempts!! This is ALL FOR ONLY $231🇨🇦. It's cheaper than a north van rec pass, WAY cheaper than a personal trainer and includes way more! And WAY WAY cheaper than therapy... My current group is half way through now and they are seeing new ways for life. And these are people who weren't sure they could do it when they started! They went from not believing, to believing, and to now seeing it as a way of life, not just a 3 week project. They say 21 days is short enough to feel like it's manageable but long enough to make the lifestyle long-lasting! So JOIN me in the best form of spring cleaning and make March break your best-self break rather than letting go as the end-of-year crazy approaches! Make changes now to get you though to finish this school year

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