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I have added this little challenge to my everyday practice lately, and this is my story: 1. This is a hard compression the neck, I see many people that put the head to the side. I prefer not to do that, but my damaged neck has been my number one reason not to practice it: I use the blocks to get higher and protect my neck, and now I dont feel pain when I am in the pose, only after. 2. Its so much easier to breathe. In the beginning it felt like my lungs were contracted to the extent that I could only stay up for as long as I could hold my breath Not very yogic, since all old texts underline that "breathing freely and feeling well" is essencial for the practice. But sometimes you have to go through fire to get somewhere, right? 3. Every time I am in this pose, I feel like my toes will touch my head, but that is something many of you recognize, right? I will post a progress picture just to remind myself that there has been some. And patience is the real practice here, isn't it? 4. Last, but not least; this pose seem to boost my oxcytocin, or create endorphins - it starts to tickle in my chest and the wellness seems to last for at least one hour - its magic! I am starting to long to kick up, and again I am reminded how amazing it can be to practice something every day. I am creating this quote: a backbend a day keeps the heartache away (although someone probably said it before me). U all

23.2.2017 14:12:38 5
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