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Face 2 Face Friday 60lb difference, May 2016-Valentines 2017. Whew. I have about 15-20 more pounds I personally would like to lose, we will see how it goes, I'm not totally hating where I am at, and I've been maintaining for 2 months. But I think I would like to lose just a tad more. I can take two more months of Keto - but man I have enjoyed carbs the last 2 months

25.2.2017 07:36:52 1
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Chipotle honey BBQ chicken with herbal oil and rice (shine rice).

25.2.2017 07:39:36 1

The gym is my therapy. It's been there for me in some of the lowest points in my life when some of the people closest to me weren't.

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H A P P Y • S A T U R D A Y • I N S T A

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