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01.10 06:59 Pita Falls and Rock Formation On board a truck on the way to Barangay Pita's suor (waterfalls) or as the locals would call it "Impyerno". Little did we know that what we are about to see is more than just its name. #discoverpita #pitafalls #PitaRockFormation #empower2030 #apye2017

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01.09 20:28 Barangay Pita, Infanta, Pangasinan Community Night: when and where everyone gets loose. Here's a picture of some of the students dancing to Salidummay sporting their very own traditional clothes. #apye2017 #empower2030

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01.09 12:50 Barangay Pita, Infanta, Pangasinan With barely a day in, I asked myself, "Can big things come from such a small place?" Locals of Barangay Pita live in black and white but dream in technicolor. They smile from ear to ear and talk in tongues only those with the purest of hearts could understand. What if the ideals and aspirations of these people are to be projected for the world to see? Would it make a difference? #pitadiaries #empower2030 #apye2017

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#yamanngpita #apye2017 #empower2030 With 60% of the population being a member of either the Ibaloi or Kankanaey community, and a great number of them not knowing their indigenous ancestry or even practices, the culturally-diverse Barangay Pita, Infanta, Pangasinan exhibits signs of a “dying culture.” To cultivate appreciation of cultural diversity, Yaman ng Pita strives to invest on education to promote culture’s contribution to sustainable development. The project aims to link the Indigenous People (IP) community, the local tourism office of the municipality of Infanta, and Pita Elementary School for a collaborative effort to address the issue on the lack of knowledge and appreciation for the indigenous culture. Beginning from the accelerated registration of the IP community under the national government, the project aims to instill cultural appreciation among the residents of Brgy. Pita – whether indigenous or not – by building a School of Living Traditions where the cultural artifacts and documents gathered for the registration application will be preserved in a school facility where not only the community be able to preserve their material culture but also provide the elementary students an interactive and experiential learning about their indigenous culture. Complementing this initiative is the creation and selling of multi-lingual storybooks written by the students themselves about the typical life of an indigenous student. Given these two-pronged approach in enriching the crafting of the IP Education (IPEd) curriculum that is already in the making, the project aims to forward the completed curriculum as a template for good indigenous education practices to the municipal government which they can in turn adopt in other IP schools in the municipality. As a whole, it is through education that Yaman ng Pita strives to impart to the residents of Brgy. Pita not only of what they have and what they can do, but more importantly who they are.

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01.08 21:41 Barangay Pita, Infanta, Pangasinan I still remember vividly how our first night was. Mosquitoes were feasting on @ceooo1's skin, the wooden floor was responding to every movement, dogs were barking in the dark, and the wind was blowing not gentle but cold breeze. Amidst all of this, Nanay Merly kept us as comfortable and as safe as possible. We didn't get to meet her during the day as she had to attend mass. She is a Catholic but she goes to a Pentecostal Church for it is the only one accessible to the barangay. Tatay Berto was out of the house as well as he had to cook for the barangay captain. Had I known that he cooked our meals, I would have thanked him endlessly. #pitadiaries #empower2030 #apye2017

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APYE Bring back meeting Thanks Jeff and Sophia for providing feedback and potential challenges. We will keep moving on and localize ideas and impact from the world #sdgen #empower2030 #APYE

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Checked in, and waiting to board! The past 4 weeks have been amazing, and utterly life-changing, but it's time to go #HOME! THANK YOU EVERYONE who has made this whole experience what it has for me: unforgettable :) Best wishes <3 #2017apye #mabeuang #sdgen #behindthescenesofhistory #empower2030 #now4future #PNG #pacific

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#미뤄둔_포스팅_12 #apyexmnl #empower2030 #sdgen 마지막 밤. Traditional night에 필리핀 전통복장을 입고 온 친구들! 팀장님이 오기 전에 가능하면 한복 가지고 오랬었는데 없을 뿐더러 어떻게 가지고 가하면서 못가져갔던게 아쉬울 정도로 많은 친구들이 전통복장을 입었다. 다들 집에 이런 옷이 한두개쯤 있는 건가 싶어서 괜히 부럽 한국에도 한복 입는 날, 한복 입고 즐기는 파티가 있으면 좋겠다는 생각을 했다. 무튼, 예뻐! 너무 마음에 들어! ✨✨✨

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01.08 13:45 Barangay Pita, Infanta, Pangasinan These are some of the gems we found during our first day in Barangay Pita. In this crowd are the likes of Samson, Jane, and Junard. Samson, also known as Samsung, is the most energetic of the bunch. He climbs poles and clings to everything [even to my short arms]. Jane, on the other hand, speaks no more than three words a day. She would just nod and smile to everything we ask. In contrary to her behavior, we believe that she has the purest heart. At night, she would wait for Dayoung to finish taking a bath and take her back home safely. Lastly, Junard, the older cousin of Samson, is an incoming fifth grader. He is late for his grade level because he had to stop attending classes due to an arm injury. According to SDG 3, only one nurse attends to the health concerns of Barangay Pita once or twice a week. Even up to now, his arm is left untreated. #pitadiaries #empower2030 #apye2017

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01.08 13:18 Barangay Pita, Infanta, Pangasinan This is Pita Elementary School and this has become more than just a building to 168 kids. They go by every single day without the help of electricity and phone coverage. For some this could only be the beginning but to others, this could be the end. Barangay Pita is remotely situated from the city proper. It would take an hour and a half of truck ride to attend to the nearest high school, not to mention the transportation cost of approximately half a thousand pesos. Some lack the necessary resources to pursue their secondary education, and this leaves them with no choice but to work at an early age. The town doesn't experience poverty the way others do. [Citing what SDG 1 learned] Barangay Pita's limited access to these opportunities is what they consider their "poverty." #pitadiaries #empower2030 #apye2017

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#미뤄둔_포스팅_10 #apyexmnl #sdgen #empower2030 삐따에서 다시 파워플랜트로 돌아와서는 프로젝트에 매진...! 밤에 아이디어 회의하고 일어나 오전 9:30부터 밤 11:00까지 아침 점심 저녁을 (아이스크림까지!) 같은 자리에서 해결하고 인터뷰 내용 정리부터 플젝 완성까지...!는 사실 못하구 숙소와서 또 밤새 피티 만들었다. 영어로 소통하는 것뿐만 아니라 계속 회의하고 의견 개진하려니 중간 중간 막힐 때마다 너무 답답했지만, 그래도 마음을 읽어주는 mind reader Mimes가 있어서 감사했고, 나 혼자 한국인이라고 의견 무시 안하고 이해못하면 진짜 친절하게 설명해주던 Mike. 그리고 장난만 치는 것 같아도 여러 사이트를 넘나들며 자료조사 빵빵하게 하던 Drei 각양각색 모두 다른 네 명의 친구들이 함께 해서 지루하지 않고 절망적이도 않고(ㅋㅋ) 즐겁게 시작할 수 있었다. ✨ #아직도_시작단계지 #교훈_피피티는_자기_전에_완성하자

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Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange 2017 - Manila #sepanx 5 out of 5 Thanks to all organizers, all new found friends and to my Rotary Club of Kalookan North and RAC New Rise for this life changing experience! See you in next APYE! #apye2017 #apyexmla2017 #y4gg #empower2030

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