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PEDAL | PEDAL | PEDAL _ Finally the sun came out again on Friday and I got out on the bike for a little pedal... need to make more of a habit of this! It's just so darn nice to ride the country lanes _ Now to get a bike rack for the van and swap the DH bike for something less hardcore and the adventures can take a new turn!! WAHOO

26.2.2017 13:09:14 1
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I find this quote to be very interesting. There's a huge difference between leading a classroom of children through a school year, and working one on one with your own child. Parents, you've got the knowledge, the desire to share it, and access to more information than at any time in history. You've got this! Be willing to search for solutions to problems you encounter and don't let anyone destroy your confidence in teaching your children!

26.2.2017 05:21:06 7

FROM | EAR | TO | EAR _ Smiles from ear to ear from this one! _ @hats.adventures making her way up a wonderful arête climb on the sea cliffs of St Govan's, in Pembrokeshire. I don't think we did many SERIOUS climbs all week, but this one was especially disrupted by a lot of silliness and laughter... just the way it should always be!! _ @greaselighthouse @theadventureconsortium @afterthesend

25.2.2017 17:14:40 5
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