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Happy birthday to me!! Another year of love ❤️ , happiness, growth, wisdom, life, and change 🥂. A few days ago, they broke into our office and stole laptops. I couldn't help but think of the growing gap between rich and poor in our land, how this is perpetuated daily by the system we have been co-opted into. I hope those guys were able to feed their families for at least a month with that money from selling the laptops. Nevertheless, the system is not working. My mind is always working trying to figure out how we can move forward. Last week we interviewed 8 people, 7 were amazingly out of this world, they are so smart, they deserve even the slightest of chances at this life thing. Again I went back to the people who stole the laptops and thought, one of these kids could easily be one of those men's child. One of the kids said he will take anything, he really just needs to pay his fees off for his third year as his parents just couldn't afford to pay them. They tried their best and only managed to get him to second year level. They say life begins at 40, maybe by then I will have figured it out. The system isn't working guys. All my very smart friends (i.e. All of you ), please do your bit. It goes a long way. Thank you all for your birthday wishes. I had a fantastic day with the family. Happy March ❤️

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This blog is based on a quote I read from a young adult's fiction book. (See picture and for the full blog go to It really got me thinking about the role of a coach, the role of a mentor and the difference between the two. I have also been pondering the need to allow others to gain their own learning through experience. As a parent, there is always that tension as your kids get older around allowing them to make their own mistakes and wanting to help them. I'm sure other parents out there can agree. This is not just limited to parents, however. It is just as applicable to leaders of all kinds. How do we set the conditions for our people to safely make mistakes and make sure we don't get in the way? This is a question I believe a leader should be constantly asking themselves. And if you've read the above quote you're also probably asking yourself ... "Why are you reading kids' books?" #leadership #growth #change #development #focus #mindfulness #resilience #mentor #mentor ship #canberraexecutive #sydneyexecutive #australianexecutive #cbdlife #executivesuite #executivecoaching #director #executivedirector #campbellleadershipsolutions #campbellramble

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Unity Is Not a Slogan A crowd united by a common slogan, tearing at some animate goal, is not an integral society. For people to unite into an integral society, they must be doing it to find the quality of mutual bestowal, unification, unity. In this case each of them rises above his egoism and unites with others in spite of his “crass” natural drives. He is not driven by the desire for personal fulfillment because it will never let him unite with others. This unity is their newly acquired organ of perception that does not operate inside, but outside. That is how it’s aimed—from within outwards, toward bestowal. It can be created only by rising above the ego when each transcends oneself toward bonding with others, above one’s egoism. And therefore, this feeling cannot be private but only common. It’s common because it exists through the fact that we create it together, and each of us perceives it as his own sense of external, altruistic perception. It is one for all of us, meaning that it is one and the same inside each of us. This gives us the opportunity to speak about our common heart and mind, which we produced together and inside of which we exist together. In that case we perceive everything absolutely identically, with the same thoughts and feelings circulating inside of us. We ascend to a level of feeling the world existing outside of us. In reality, this world is inside of us, but we start to feel it by coming out of the previous egoistic state, and we feel it all together. Meaning, as we develop each new level, we will attain it together. From the book "The Psychology of the Integral Society" by Michael Laitman, PH. D. and Anatoly Ulianov, PH. D. #wisdom #giving #life #fulfillment #spiritual #kabbalah #kabbalah info #nature #caring #goodness #good #freedom #change #environment #science #integral #ego #newlife #altruism #unity #society #psychology #lifegoals #books

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Thanks @dnainfony ! IT IS TRUE... WE CANT GET ENOUGH! We all have worked so hard on this initiative and we are seeing the fruits of our labor. We created a dish the entire Bronx can feel proud of. The success of "The Bronx Salad" is vindication that unhealthy trends in our borough can be reversed, through a collective effort and passionate community organizing. I'm proud to represent this healthy BX movement and to showcase these local eateries, as the president of the @u.b.c_ the most amazing organization doing true community work. Support the initiative by asking for "The Bronx Salad" in participating eateries across The Bronx! #health #salad #business #bronx #change #health yfood #community #thebronxsalad #TheSouthSouthBronx #juicing #fruit #vegetables

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