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These successes spurred Ahmed Deedat in the direction of Da’wah. Not even his marriage, birth of children and a 3 year sojourn to Pakistan after its independence dampened his enthusiasm or dulled his desire to defend Islam from the deceitful distortions of the Christian missionaries. With missionary zeal to project the Truth and beauty of Islam, Ahmed Deedat immersed himself into a host of activities over the next three decades. He conducted classes on Bible studies and gave numerous lectures. He established the ‘As-Salaam,’ an institute to train propagators of Islam. He, together with his family, almost single-handedly erected the buildings including the Masjid which is still a landmark today. He was a founder member of the Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) and became its President, a position he held until he passed away in the year 2005. He has published over 20 books and distributed millions of copies free of charge. He has delivered thousands of lectures all over the world and successfully engaged Christian Evangelists in public debates. Several thousand people have come into the fold of Islam as a result of these efforts. In a fitting tribute to this monumental achievement, he was awarded the ‘King Faisal International Prize’ for ‘Service to Islam’ in 1986, a prestigious recognition of enormous value in the world of Islam. No number of awards and honors can truly capture the man’s essence and zeal for Islam. His anthology of books is no exception. It demonstrates Sheikh Deedat’s analytical compilations drawn from personal encounters and experiences against Christian distortions. In 1996 Shaikh Ahmed Deedat suffered from a serious stroke and remained paralyzed and bedridden for 9 years. On 8th August, 2005 he passed away. May Allah (swt) bless his soul with Jannatul Firdous for his path-breaking and excellent efforts for Daw’ah of Islam worldwide as well as reigniting the spirit of self-esteem and renaissance amongst millions of Muslims the world over. . . #christ #Jews #Zion #religions #photo #facts #anstaqram #buddhist #iran #terror #latino #cities #vacation #muslim #muslim s #real_islam #islam

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