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Everyone has a chapter that they don't read out loud simply because they want to keep it hidden away. This is your Shadow Self. There is Passion, lessons learned, and Magick that live within those chapters. Expose them to the light and you can free yourself and so many others who are probably going through the same thing.

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T eet. = )#thankful We believe in Love, Light, Water and Passion. If you can Pray, Pray if you wish Peace, respect is Peace, if you wish to donate to American Refugee Commite link is in bio, Have a bless day Angel! #angelblueprint #water #water islife #Life #family #collective #angels #Play #vians #music #tempo #spicy #guitarpick #bassguitar #drummer #piano #ballet #opera #entrepreneur #PlayIntegrateOrGoHome #SuperElectricCar #tesla #rimac #green #Yoga #Art #alphagentlemen #kaimoves

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Our card today is the "Seven of Raphael" from Archangel Power Tarot Cards. When someone draws this card you know that they need to make a choice. They may be stuck in a place of indecision that can come either from not having all the information they need or they may be afraid of upsetting someone else. This card shows a wishing well from which 7 magical buckets of water have been drawn. Each bucket represents a chakra color. You can flash this card in front of your face to see what is the first color that you see. The color corresponds to the chakra energy that is concerning you or from which you should make your decisions by. For example, if you see green, then you should make your choice from the heart. #tarot #archangelpowertarotcards #tarot #angels #archangels #cacr #angelintuitive #radleighvalentine @doreenvirtue

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Round 11! Lily A is eliminated! Which is your LEAST favourite outfit? LEAST favourite LEAST favourite #VSSegmentEliminationGame

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Blessings to you all today, hope you all stay safe during the bad weather that is hitting us. This was channelled today from Archangel Raphael and my guide Joshia. Hope you feel the heartfelt energy of this message. X Good day beautiful people. I hope your day is full of love and blissful energy. I am here today to convey love and blessings to you all. We all go through rough times in our lives and have to deal with many issues throughout our lives, but rest assured that they are not in vain, for as we endure the hard knocks in your everyday life your soul is gaining valuable knowledge, learning lessons and also clearing past karmic imprints that are part of your energetic blueprint that you agreed to endure in this life to allow your ascension both in this life and as you move on in your spiritual journey. I know this is never easy when you are in the thick of a crisis but i wish to fill you all with love, devotion heart felt thoughts of appreciation and wishRaphael ng forward to you all the clarity we all desire to allow us to find our answers as we deal with our everyday lives. Allow your angels and guides to help and assist you, they are there please ask for help, we cannot intervene unless you ask. We love to be with you and working with you this is our mission in life and want only the best for your highest good. Your angels are always by your side to protect and care for you no mattet what. Let the universal energy of the Oneness fill your heart and soul with love and peace. Imagine the beautiful pinks and greens fill your heart to allow the energies of love, compassion and balance this heart felt life force energy of your loved ones in spiritmine th you and around you always. Angels protect me day and night Always with me by my side Loving and caring, never overbearing Always open listening to my complaining Lifting me up when i am low Letting me be, show you all my woes Angel Angel by my side thank you for being my guiding light Loving and caring by my side Love you so much Angel of mine Love and light to all please shine your lights bright Guide Joshia Archangel Raphael #archangelraphael #angels

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You won't want to miss day #2 of the World Angel Summit. Today Hay House is featuring myself and @doreenvirtue sharing how to do accurate oracle card readings for yourself and others. You’ll learn why oracle cards are an excellent tool for receiving messages from the angels and get tips for interpreting readings with objectivity. You can also listen to Brigitte Parvin @brigittesserenitystudio and Doreen Virtue’s lesson on breaking free from addictive behaviors with the help of the angels. They share tools for breaking free of all types of addiction, including chronic worrying, overeating, co-dependency, alcohol, and drugs. You’ll get spiritual tips for healing from the cycle of addiction and whatever it is that is keeping you from fulfilling your life purpose. You can listen by clicking the link in my bio. To do that, just click on my name under the picture of this post and it will take you to my bio that you can click on to gain access. #angelweek @hayhouseinc #angels #archangels #guardianangels #tarot #cacr #angelintuitive

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