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He's from Friday Night Lights too! If only it was Tim Riggins 😍

She's marrying Landry?!

I had forgotten...and they really did look adorable together!

Ok but how cute are she and Jesse, tho??

Her and jake forever

Landry! 👍🏼

wait jesse plemmons from breaking bad and FNL jesse plemmons?!?

@novy2020 u look like him

That means garret hedlund is avail???! Bc that dude hotasf

^^^ !!! Garret hedlund isn't dating any one new yet is he?

@nameless_slob let me just rollover and ask him.

Todd!! (BB reference)

How come he hasnt found anyone?@obviousbutamazing

@obviousbutamazing 😂 oh what I would give to just roll over and have garret hedlund there

No way!! What would we do without you for our news @obviousbutamazing

That guy looks like a poor man's Matt Damon. @obviousbutamazing

سلام کوس میدی


@jamokez us



Wait whaaaat. Where is Garret hedlun?

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