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His hand 😂

@bad.gizibe mdrr ils ont oublié de modifier la main de Kanye! 😂😂🖐

merde 😂😂 @saaaylin

You forget hand liam

Arrazoo viadoo !!! 😱😱😱

It says the body is king Kardashians😂😂💀

Edited cough cough 😂

flw me plz

كيف طلع لها طيز اخبرها سلت ☺

@muggles100 imagine mom trying to understand this



@thevelvetfogel "I don't get it. Is that twiley Morris?"



Where did this butt come from?



Knew it had to be fake cause...Miley ain't got no ass and upon further inspection...his hand is black lol

من اين لكِـ هذا

Fuck w da @amobbers

Fuck w da @amobbers

Fuck w da @amobbers

Whats 😒😒



Como esta eso @aldodiramos 🍑


Esa Miley y Liam son unos loquillos😍😂😂😂 @imb.13

اول مره اشوف حلمه في مكوه 🌚

Vaya!... Lo que hace un buena operación de 🍑😂

فساتين ب ١٠٠ ريال وأقل

@andjellycuh this has got to be fake .. 😒

Oh boy she got a fake ass too now ☠️

Fake asf

Lol thats kimye😄😄

This looks disgusting

they forgot about the hand 😭

@danicasantos_ @dulcewsantoa


Photoshop miley



Where the ass come from😂😂

That ass dun belong to miley

thought it was real until i saw his hand 😹😹😹

Of of of

You can tell it's fake by Miley's hair 😉 I wish she had that ass tho 🍑

طبيعي طبيعي ارقى انواع لاكستنشن برزايلى وهندي توصبلات شعر طبيعه تميزي عزيزتي باانواثتك

هرکی‌خانم‌میخواد فالو کنه😍


فيديوهات,صور سودا,بيسيات.


She bought an ass @chibadd 😩😆 like we wouldn't notice 😂😂😂

اهم شي تفاحه


اخ عليش

تفضلو حسااابي عروووض رائعه ع منتجات تجميليه💄💅🏻 طبيعيه 💯💯 الحقو لايفوتكم العرض ينتهي اليوم الساعه ٩ مساءً 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I love your love 😍


@yourpapigoon hahajajajaj


Good ass :*


Her look is terrible 😖😵

@princessofmyworld ahhh ça ferait ttop bizarre

@devonshirewhyte WHO


Sexy lady

messo male qui liam 😂😂 @nadi.joe


Too bad that's not Mr and Mrs west

@aylinlozanom jajajja

لسيدات ( السعوديات والمقيمات بالسعوديه ) فرصة عمل 🎗 من المنزل 🎗 بربح فوري ومكافه شهريه ( الشهر الماضي كانت مكافئتي ٤٩١٢ ريال ، الشهر الحالي ٦ الف ريال الحمدلله )

📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢📢يتوفر لدينا عرضضض من اوريفليم ( اشتري منتج واختاري المنتج الثاني بريال ) العرض مدته يومين فقط حححياكم بحسابي 📢📢📢📢📢

@le0n_tyler she tried bless

Yes 😃

@kimmylcc look at the Veal toilet face on him.. Class A's are defo gender specific



Кардашьян отдыхает😂😂

جسمهاا خطيررر

Boooom asss

يعععع الريحه فاحت😂

aguante el Photoshop


La babygurl got the bootyyyyy now 😏 @wtfnao @emilericard

@la.ptitecriss Kim K va être jalouse


Its real??

@bbbbbbbarbie No it's photoshoop 😫

@marina0011_ i think that's real :( but the photo shop is real 🙊

Look at his hand..

@bbbbbbbarbie haha 😂 Noo This pic is not real it's a photoshop ! real pic of @kimkardshian and kayne west

@marina0011_ jajajaajajajaaj ups

Haha her hair

@c_hstn ???

The unedited black hands on Liam tho 😂😂😂😂 @aaryn.xo

Right hahaha @ashleyaubery

since when did she grow an ass


Fuck me in the arsenal first

@cheyenneketcham damn, that ass tho😳

Liam's black hands lmao

@cheyenneketcham this isn't real nvm

Wtf @tiahnnkrystal I legit thought this was you hahahha

Hahaha I wish my body looked like that @sarahjarrol

That's Kim and Kanye and you can see they forgot to photo shop liams hands which are originally Kanye's loool

Liam's hand is still kaynes hand😂


Что-то странно по-моему у Майли не такая большая попа

واو نايس

@mmiguelopez la mano negra

@leagonnet y font des montages bizarres

Miley look good with a fat ass @_ladyque_ @marytilahun



Photoshop booty belong to Kim Kardashian and liam hand is black which belong to Kayne

@donte_c she looks better with it!

@emmebrundells really ?




are they together again?


@knelson98 they aren't married lol

Obv lol there making fun of them because Miley got butt implants @al_werst16

@knelson.98 hahaha no they just photo shopped Miley and Liam's face on their bodies. Liam has a black hand in the pic 😂😂😂😂

@bensangalli omg so fake lol


Haters will say it photoshopped

@mxdelief wejiooooooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Y a moyen elle a eu un cul @niselayoubi


Har sett @kulturellaella

@souhaila_elfk mais t bete c fake c kim et kanye mais ils ont mit la tete de miley et liam

Hahaha oh merde @niselayoubi


@eyz_0416 die jongen ja😍

@mxdelief neeee



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